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Trump says he will travel to Republican National Convention today as planned

The extent to which the tenor and tone of the program will change will be determined by the former president, who has been intensively involved in planning the event.

By Maeve Reston and Josh DawseyJuly 14, 2024

Live updates: Trump rally shooting victim identified, Biden to give Oval Office speech tonight

The attendee who died was Corey Comperatore, Pennsylvania’s governor said. The shooter, who was killed, was ID’d by the FBI as 20-year-old Thomas Matthew Crooks.

By Washington Post staffJuly 14, 2024

Suspected Trump rally shooter Thomas Matthew Crooks is from Bethel Park, Pa.

The 20-year-old who was killed by U.S. Secret Service was a registered Republican, according to voter status records.

By Emily Davies, Steve Hendrix, Devlin Barrett and Annabelle TimsitJuly 14, 2024

What we know about the Trump rally shooting, victims and gunman

President Biden will address the nation from the Oval Office after the FBI says a gunman, Thomas Matthew Crooks, tried to assassinate Donald Trump.

By Jiselle Lee, Kelly Kasulis Cho and Niha MasihJuly 14, 2024

Victim in Trump rally shooting died while shielding his family from gunfire

Pennsylvania Gov. Josh Shapiro (D) said Corey Comperatore was a firefighter, a churchgoer and a proud “girl dad.”

By Brittany Shammas and Joanna SlaterJuly 14, 2024

Trump’s authoritarian lean appeals to the right. Swing voters, not so much.

A new poll shows how Democrats’ focus on Project 2025 could get traction with crucial voters — specifically, the so-called “double haters.”

By Aaron BlakeJuly 11, 2024

Pelosi and Democrats to Biden: Maybe take the hint, please?

Few congressional Democrats are calling for Biden to drop out. But many are refusing to give him anything amounting to a vote of confidence, and that’s telling.

By Aaron BlakeJuly 10, 2024

Biden’s arguments for staying in the 2024 race, parsed

As Biden has grown more combative, some of his reasoning has grown strained.

By Aaron BlakeJuly 9, 2024

Trump’s VP choice may be down to 3. Here’s what each brings.

Breaking down the advantages of having Marco Rubio, J.D. Vance or Doug Burgum on the ticket — and what they lack.

By Aaron BlakeJuly 9, 2024

A shift in how Democrats talk about Biden’s dropping out

The subtext of what leaders like Nancy Pelosi and Jim Clyburn are saying is clear — and it’s a marked contrast to how the Biden campaign is talking about this.

By Aaron BlakeJuly 3, 2024

What conservative justices said about immunity — before giving it to Trump

Most of them assured Americans that a president isn’t “above the law.” Some went further.

By Aaron BlakeJuly 2, 2024

Amid condemnations of political violence, no cessation of political warfare

The shooting at Trump’s campaign rally Saturday could inflame the politics of 2024.

By Dan BalzJuly 14, 2024

Trump, who flew to N.J. after shooting, urges unity as his team ramps up security

Trump has not made any public remarks since the Secret Service rushed him offstage shortly after shots were fired at his rally in Butler, Pa., on Saturday.

By Hannah Knowles, Danielle Paquette and Shayna JacobsJuly 14, 2024

World leaders react to Trump rally shooting: ‘A tragedy for our democracies’

Leaders from France, Canada, India, China and elsewhere condemned political violence and sent well-wishes to the former president.

By Annabelle Timsit, Maham Javaid and Anika Arora SethJuly 14, 2024

How the deadly Trump rally shooting unfolded in Pennsylvania

A timeline of how the suspected assassination attempt on the former president unfolded.

By Derek HawkinsJuly 14, 2024

The attempted assassination of Donald Trump

A shooter fired multiple rounds toward the stage at a Saturday campaign rally for former president Donald Trump. Federal officials are investigating the incident as an assassination attempt.

By Ted Muldoon, Renita Jablonski, Reena Flores and Rennie SvirnovskiyJuly 14, 2024

Trump says he was shot in ear during Pennsylvania rally shooting

The FBI named Thomas Matthew Crooks, 20, as the suspected shooter at the Butler, Pa., rally, which left one spectator dead and critically injured two others. Former president Donald Trump said he was shot in the ear.

By Washington Post staffJuly 14, 2024

Trump rally shooting was assassination attempt on ex-president, FBI says

The former president was rushed offstage from a campaign rally in Butler, Pa., on Saturday evening. Trump said he was shot in his upper right ear and his campaign said he was “fine.”

By Isaac Arnsdorf, Hannah Knowles, Meryl Kornfield and Devlin BarrettJuly 14, 2024

How Republican lawmakers reacted to the Trump rally shooting

Some Republicans jumped to blame President Biden or other Trump critics for the shooting at a campaign rally in Butler, Pa.

By Hayden Godfrey, Kati Perry, Adrián Blanco and Hannah DormidoJuly 14, 2024

Misinformation spreads swiftly in hours after Trump rally shooting

Conspiracy theories swell around false flags, Deep State, Biden and the Secret Service, filling the information vacuum as consumers choose their own reality.

By Sarah Ellison, Cat Zakrzewski and Clara Ence MorseJuly 14, 2024

Shooting at Trump rally upends presidential campaign

“The political consequences of this assassination attempt will be immense, and they will benefit Donald Trump,” one prominent Trump critic wrote.

By Ashley ParkerJuly 14, 2024

Biden, Democrats, Republicans denounce shooting at Trump rally

Politicians said “political violence” has no place in U.S. politics after at least one person was fatally shot at Donald Trump’s rally in Butler, Pa. The shooter was also killed, authorities said.

By Daniel Wu, Yasmeen Abutaleb and Meryl KornfieldJuly 13, 2024

Pops, screams and then blood: On the scene at the Trump rally shooting

A view from the press riser of the chaos surrounding what authorities are calling an assassination attempt against Donald Trump.

By Isaac Arnsdorf and Jabin BotsfordJuly 13, 2024

Trump allies immediately blame Biden, Democrats for their rhetoric

Supporters argued that Democratic portrayals of Trump as a threat to democracy led to the violence, though the shooter’s motive was not apparent at the time of their remarks.

By Michael SchererJuly 13, 2024

In photos: Trump rushed offstage at Pennsylvania rally after shots fired

The FBI, Secret Service and ATF are investigating a shooting at a rally for former president Donald Trump as an assassination attempt, according to two people familiar with the matter, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss it.

By Jabin Botsford and Kenneth DickermanJuly 13, 2024

Trump aides script convention to soften his image, but face challenges

The quadrennial gathering is meant to appeal to a general election audience, but is also inseparable from Trump’s hardline MAGA movement and his polarizing vision for a second term.

By Josh Dawsey and Hannah KnowlesJuly 13, 2024