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New ‘Peanuts’ special will finally let Franklin sit by White friends

A TV special about Franklin Armstrong, the first Black ‘Peanuts’ character, will capture his origin story.

By Samantha CheryFebruary 3, 2024

Vincent D’Onofrio is the Kingpin of Marvel’s next gritty gamble, ‘Echo’

Vincent D’Onofrio returns to the role he made his own on Netflix, this time for Marvel Studios.

By David BetancourtJanuary 3, 2024

The toy empire of Todd McFarlane, geek king of cool

McFarlane Toys’ intricate figures have made the creator of Spawn and Image Comics an indie artist magnate.

By David BetancourtDecember 21, 2023

The MCU isn’t dead, but it’s hurting. Help is on the way.

The MCU isn’t over yet, but Disney and Marvel’s decisions have damaged quality and box office results.

By David BetancourtNovember 16, 2023

‘The Marvels’ cameos hint at just the future the MCU needs

‘The Marvels’ mid-credits scene shows Kamala Khan isn’t the only mutant in the MCU.

By David BetancourtNovember 10, 2023

Understanding how British voters chose their members of Parliament

Some voted for the candidate their hate the least. Others tactically voted for whoever might beat the candidate they hate the most.

By Edith PritchettJuly 5, 2024

Cartoon by Nick Anderson

Nick Anderson cartoon on Biden staying in the race

By Nick AndersonJuly 5, 2024

Flash Gordon, American icon, returns to comics after a 20-year break

Flash Gordon, the foundational space superhero, is returning to comics for the first time since 2003. Artist Dan Schkade is leading the reboot.

By Michael CavnaOctober 20, 2023

The Nib closes down after 10 years of championing comics journalism

The Nib became the only daily website and magazine to feature long-form nonfiction comics and editorial cartoons. It’s closing after 10 years.

By Michael CavnaAugust 31, 2023

Eight unflinching cartoons on Trump’s historic fourth indictment

How do cartoonists tackle Trump’s indictments? Several Pulitzer Prize winners are among artists who have mixed feelings about the surplus of satirical fodder.

By Michael CavnaAugust 19, 2023

Why ‘Blue Beetle’ is the best modern DC movie

The first live-action Latino superhero movie from DC Studios is its best film of the past decade.

By David BetancourtAugust 19, 2023

Who is Blue Beetle? How DC revived one of the oldest heroes in comics.

Director Ángel Manuel Soto explains how he took hero Jaime Reyes from page to screen.

By David BetancourtAugust 17, 2023

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