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How to avoid falling for misinformation and conspiracy theories

Breaking news moves fast online, and it can be difficult to tell what's real and what's purposefully misleading or fake. Here's how to sort through it all.

By Heather KellyJuly 15, 2024

Make your job less painful, at least physically

Here are five tips from ergonomic experts to create a more comfortable and less painful work environment.

By Danielle AbrilJuly 15, 2024

Amazon’s health clinic pushed a misleading account of call center errors

One Medical instructed staff to say that “patients received the care they needed” in incidents the company previously acknowledged included errors.

By Caroline O'DonovanJuly 15, 2024

Musk, other pro-Trump billionaires have helped shape shooting narrative

The right-leaning business community on Twitter, including Elon Musk and hedge fund billionaire Bill Ackman, used their megaphones to endorse Trump and fuel storylines about Saturday’s attack.

By Elizabeth Dwoskin and Faiz SiddiquiJuly 14, 2024

‘BlueAnon’ conspiracy theories flood social media after Trump rally shooting

Researchers who track online conspiracies say liberals, too, are now vulnerable to — and generating — QAnon-like bursts of misinformation.

By Taylor LorenzJuly 14, 2024

OpenAI illegally barred staff from airing safety risks, whistleblowers say

OpenAI whistleblowers filed a complaint with the SEC where they allege the AI company is silencing employees from sharing concerns about its AI technology.

By Pranshu Verma, Cat Zakrzewski and Nitasha TikuJuly 13, 2024

Meta rolls back restrictions on Trump’s social media accounts

“We believe that the American people should be able to hear from the nominees for President on the same basis,” Meta executive Nick Clegg said in a statement.

By Naomi NixJuly 12, 2024

Hackers stole almost everyone’s AT&T call records. What should you do?

Hackers stole phone records from almost all AT&T wireless customers. What should you do if that includes you?

By Shira OvideJuly 12, 2024

SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket suffers engine failure during satellite launch

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk wrote on X that the engine on the mission with no astronauts failed “for reasons currently unknown. Team is reviewing data tonight to understand root cause.”

By Christian DavenportJuly 12, 2024

OpenAI promised to make its AI safe. Employees say it ‘failed’ its first test.

Employees said OpenAI rushed the release of its latest AI model, called GPT-4 Omni.

By Pranshu Verma, Nitasha Tiku and Cat ZakrzewskiJuly 12, 2024

Tesla sells ‘Self-Driving’ cars. Is it fraud?

A series of investigations focuses on whether Tesla committed fraud in its marketing of Autopilot and Full Self-Driving.

By Faiz SiddiquiJuly 11, 2024
Tech BriefAnalysis

Democrats decry FCC commissioner’s Project 2025 involvement

The Washington Post’s essential guide to tech policy news.

By Cristiano Lima-StrongJuly 11, 2024

You’re holding your phone wrong

Since you’re unlikely to use your smartphone less, try these adjustments to minimize hand and eye issues.

By Heather KellyJuly 11, 2024

A grieving mom’s TikTok videos spark online speech battle

A Mississippi judge ordered Heather Wyatt to take down posts accusing schoolmates of bullying her daughter, Aubreigh, to death

By Will OremusJuly 10, 2024

Microsoft, Apple will not join OpenAI’s board as regulatory scrutiny grows

Microsoft and Apple will no longer sit as observers on OpenAI’s board, as regulators ask whether tech giants hold too much sway over AI upstarts.

By Gerrit De Vynck and Cat ZakrzewskiJuly 10, 2024

Influencer running for U.S. Senate challenges campaign finance rules

Senate candidate and online influencer Caroline Gleich asked regulators to modernize campaign finance rules she says disadvantage people who make a living online.

By Taylor LorenzJuly 10, 2024

NASA astronauts are confident Boeing’s Starliner will get them home

NASA and Boeing are continuing to conduct ground tests to see why five of the spacecraft’s thrusters stopped working during the approach to the space station.

By Christian DavenportJuly 10, 2024

NATO’s newest weapon is online content creators

NATO and the State Department are hosting online content creators in Washington, D.C., this week in an attempt to boost the alliance’s image with young people.

By Taylor LorenzJuly 10, 2024
Tech BriefAnalysis

Tech winners from Trump’s 2024 platform: crypto, AI and Elon Musk

Republicans want to roll back the Biden administration’s attempts to regulate emerging industries. Critics say that could backfire.

By Will OremusJuly 10, 2024

Health tracking rings are getting more popular. Samsung wants in.

The Galaxy Ring tracks sleep quality, lasts nearly a week on a single charge, and controls your phone. Is that enough to take smart rings mainstream?

By Chris VelazcoJuly 10, 2024